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30 July 2020 @ 11:11 am
Master List of Fics  
Here's a list of all of my stuff.

Stargate Atlantis
Alone (PG, gen) Rodney thinks about his best friend.
Finally (PG, gen) John reacts to non-enforcement of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
Habit (NC-17, John/Evan) Evan's not so sure that this is a habit he can break.
Handcuffs (NC-17, John/Ronon) John comes up with a fun way to celebrate Ronon's birthday.
Marked (PG-13, John/Ronon) Written for an sga_kinkmeme fill. Original prompt: "John/Ronon, tattooing."
Maya (PG-13, light John/Ronon) Ronon recounts his last day on Sateda.
Not Alone (PG-13, John/Ronon) Ronon and John talk about John's off-world sleeping behaviors.
Remembrance (PG, gen) "The team spread out, the formation so familiar John could feel when they were set, and he nodded." / John gets hurt off-world and the team has to help him heal.

Maple Street (PG, gen) Ziva drives like a maniac.
No Caffeine (PG, gen) The results need to be in quickly.

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