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Aww, Guys.

As a person on the east coast, I'm really feeling the love. I appreciate all the good thoughts about the hurricane!

It just started raining here about 20 minutes ago and the winds really aren't here yet. We'll see how it goes, I guess. We'll definitely stay in contact as much as we can, though!

Ronon Blue


Title: Laughter
Author/Artist: stormylullabye
Recipient: rinkafic
Medium: Fic
Word count/length: 1,072
Rating: PG
Characters/pairing: John/Ronon, some Rodney and Teyla
Summary: John wishes Ronon would laugh more.
Additional notes: Written for the 2011 Ronon thing-a-thon at rononficathon. I managed to include two out of the three prompts pretty well (found and laughter), and the third one (hair) is mentioned if you feel like “Where’s Waldo”-ing it.

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five0bang is LIVE!

five0bang five0bang five0bang

five0bang is a comm that somehowunbroken and I started for a minimum 40k bigbang for Hawai'i Five-0. We're both super excited about it! We have signups open now for authors, artists (traditional art, digital art, manips, vids), fanmixers, and betas. Sign up for one or more categories through the links below!

Signups for five0bang are open! Sign up to be an author, an artist, a mixer, or a beta today!

five0bang five0bang five0bang
H50 Max Spelunk


I'm offering a 1000 word fic in helpthesouth, so go bid! It's for a good cause :)

(Even though I still owe csichick_2 my soul a bunch of graphics from another charity auction, which I'm going to get out asap after my finals are done.)

In other news, I'm graduating college next Friday, 13 May! Exciting because I'll be done and also because I'll finally have time to catch up on charity offerings, fic ideas, and stargateland challenges! (After I sleep for like 2048 hours.)