stormylullabye (stormylullabye) wrote,

First SGA Fic!

Title: Alone
Author: stormylullabye  
Fandom: SGA
Characters: John, Rodney
Word Count: 120
Rating: PG

When he reflected on it later, he thought maybe it had looked a bit like a transport beam. He liked to pretend that maybe his best friend was just up on the Daedalus, in orbit over Atlantis. Or was sent on a top secret mission and killed in action, although why he couldn’t know about it was a mystery to him. In truth, he had come up with a hundred reasons and scenarios to hide what had actually occurred, mostly because he couldn’t bear the thought that John had chosen to leave. No matter his reasons, John had left him behind on Atlantis when he had ascended. The reality of it was going to be the death of Rodney McKay.
Tags: john sheppard, rodney mckay, stargate

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