15 November 2010 @ 01:23 am
Title: Handcuffs
Author: stormylullabye 
Fandom: SGA
Characters: John/Ronon, Teyla
Word Count: 2,538
Rating: NC-17
Notes: (My first porn, oh my!) John comes up with a plan to celebrate Ronon's birthday. Written as a fill for sga_kinkmeme . (Actually, I saw a request for J/R handcuffs and one for J/R leather pants, so this has both, because who doesn't like leather pants?)

It had taken a lot of planning, with no small amount of help from Teyla, but John had finally figured out how to celebrate Ronon’s birthday. The trickiest part of the whole operation was getting everything he needed from off-world without Ronon knowing or figuring anything out. John had managed, though, and had gotten his hands on everything he needed for that night.

The celebration started in the mess hall. When the team met for their nightly dinner, John had a cake, baked by the Athosians, ready for Ronon. John smiled at Ronon over the cake and wished him a happy birthday, his eyes promising a present that Ronon would enjoy immensely later. Ronon’s eyes widened and John smirked, eating a spoonful of cake and licking the spoon clean. Ronon began shoveling the cake into his mouth, which earned a laugh from John and a raised eyebrow from Teyla; Rodney was too busy consuming his own cake in a similar fashion to react to the spectacle.

When they finished the cake, Ronon nudged John under the table and sent him a look that clearly said “I’m ready, let’s go,” but John just smiled and leaned back in his chair, turning back to his conversation with Teyla. John kept up his chatter with Teyla and Rodney for about fifteen minutes longer; he would have continued just to tease Ronon, but John was looking forward to tonight too, probably even more than Ronon since he knew what was coming.

John and Ronon cleared their dishes from the table and said their good nights to everyone. Ronon added a round of thank-yous for the cake and celebration to those who had gathered, and they were in the hallway. John took the lead and headed towards his quarters. He knew without looking that Ronon was following him. John knew that if he had gotten a look like the one he gave Ronon, he would follow his lover wherever he wanted to go.

As soon as the two men stepped into John’s quarters, Ronon spun around and pushed John into the wall, crashing his lips down onto John’s while pushing his hands up under John’s BDU shirt. Normally John would have no problem with Ronon taking control and fucking him senseless, but he had tonight planned, so he shoved the other man away. Once he caught his breath, he glared at Ronon as best he could and shook his head. “I got you a present,” John explained. “Go lay on the bed.”

“Present later, sex now,” Ronon replied, stepping towards John again. It took most of John’s willpower, but he pushed Ronon away again and pointed at the bed. Ronon sighed, but did as he was told. Once he was safely seated on the bed, John pushed away from the wall and headed into his bathroom. There, sitting on the counter, was the second thing that Teyla had gotten for him from the Athosians. It was John’s turn to sigh as he picked up the pair of leather – well, Pegasus leather – pants. This was John’s least favorite part of the evening, but he knew it would drive Ronon crazy to see John in the pants, which were made to resemble the Satedan style, and this was really all for Ronon in the end, no matter how much pleasure John was going to get from it.

He pulled the leather pants on after shedding his BDUs and marveled at how comfortable the pants were. No wonder Ronon wore these things constantly. John regarded his pile of clothes on the floor and debated whether or not to put his shirt back on before shrugging and heading out of the bathroom clad only in the leather pants. John wasn’t one who was normally self-conscious, especially not in front of Ronon, who had seen him naked countless times, but he had never before gotten a look like the one he got when he stepped out of the bathroom.

John looked up at Ronon when he heard the other man’s sharp intake of breath and watched as Ronon’s eyes darkened, looking at John like he was going to devour him. John felt oddly exposed under that gaze and looked down at the floor, blushing faintly. He didn’t hear it, but Ronon must have moved, because in the next second strong hands were fluttering over his skin, trying to touch everywhere at once. Ronon’s hands ran across John’s chest and down his back and then slowed as they reached the top of John’s pants. The hands ghosted over John’s ass and settled on his hips. John looked up into Ronon’s lust-filled eyes and swallowed past his new-found nervousness. “The Athosians made them,” John explained.

“Mmm,” Ronon hummed, kissing John soundly, mapping the inside of John’s mouth with his tongue. John brought one hand up to tangle in Ronon’s hair while the other went around the other man’s back to pull him in closer. The kiss broke and John regained his confidence.

“I have one more present,” John said. Ronon groaned and made to sit back on the bed. John stopped him with a hand on his wrist. “Strip first,” he added with a smirk. Ronon quirked an eyebrow but complied with the request, throwing his clothing into a pile on the floor near the end of the bed. John turned around to retrieve the box for Ronon from his desk.

John turned back to see that Ronon had taken a seat on the edge of John’s bed once again and was looking at John with anticipation. John swallowed, having to take a deep breath before proceeding calmly and not simply jumping the other man. John handed Ronon a small box and waited as he unwrapped the gift. Ronon pulled the pair of handcuffs from the box and let the cardboard drop to the floor, looking from the handcuffs to John with some amusement and more than a little bit of longing. John walked over to the bed and grabbed the handcuffs from Ronon, pushing the other man back on the bed. John climbed on top of Ronon and kissed him before moving to put his lips right next to the other man’s ear. “Happy birthday,” he whispered as he grabbed Ronon’s left wrist and secured it to the bedpost with the handcuffs.

John climbed off of Ronon and retrieved a second pair of handcuffs he had stashed in a desk drawer before returning to the bed to attach Ronon’s other wrist to the other side of the bed. John stood once more to survey his work. The picture Ronon made secured to John’s bed was almost too much for John. He was honey skin highlighted with chocolate hair, defined muscles flexing as Ronon writhed, testing his boundaries with the handcuffs, all laid out waiting for John’s next move. When Ronon stopped moving, his eyes found John’s. “My birthday present is that I get tied up? Shouldn’t you be in these?” he asked, tugging his wrists again.

John smirked. “There’s plenty of time for that later,” he replied as he swept his eyes up and down his lover’s body.

Ronon laughed. “Like what you see?”

“Definitely,” John breathed as he crossed the short distance to the bed. He climbed on top of Ronon slowly this time, allowing both men to feel every touch. John was still wearing the leather pants as he slid up Ronon’s body, rubbing the soft fabric against Ronon’s bare skin and loving how such a simple action could produce those expressions. John dipped his head to kiss Ronon, hands gliding down Ronon’s chest. John heard the rattling of Ronon trying to move his arms, momentarily forgetting they were handcuffed to the bed, before a noise of frustration came from the man underneath him. John broke off the kiss, chuckling, and rubbed Ronon’s wrists gently as he scolded, “Careful.”

“Easy for you to say,” Ronon retorted. John knew he would get his in equal measure when Ronon reversed their positions later, so he just hummed his agreement and rocked his hips down to slide against Ronon’s cock, earning a groan. He kissed Ronon deeply once more, then trailed short, open-mouthed kisses down along his jaw to his collarbone. John ran his tongue lightly across one of Ronon’s nipples as the pad of his thumb flicked over the other, the combined sensations eliciting a soft moan from Ronon.

John continued his trail downwards, kissing and biting and sucking across Ronon’s stomach. John let his hands settle on Ronon’s hips as he licked a trail up the other man’s inner thigh. He stopped just before he reached Ronon’s cock and moved to lick a path back down the other side. Ronon groaned, half frustration and half desire, and John rubbed his thumbs in hopefully calming circles on Ronon’s hips. He shifted so he was lying between Ronon’s legs and licked a stripe up the underside of the other man’s cock, which twitched slightly in response. Ronon rattled the handcuffs once more and John smiled up at his lover evilly. “This is my favorite part,” John commented, and he swirled his tongue around the head of Ronon’s cock. “Where I get to touch you,” he continued, releasing one of Ronon’s hips in favor of grabbing his cock and pulling once, “and you,” he blew a stream of cool air across Ronon’s cock, “don’t” lick “get” pull “to do” lick “anything” pull “about it.” With that, John took Ronon’s cock into his mouth and pushed his head as far down as he could. Ronon moaned, and John bobbed his head up and down a few times. He pulled off, lightly grazing his teeth over the tip of Ronon’s cock and quickly darting his tongue out to taste the other man’s pre-come.

John glanced up and saw Ronon’s head pressed back into the pillow, eyes squeezed shut. John lazily pulled his hand up and down Ronon’s cock until the other man opened his eyes and looked down at John. “You’re evil,” Ronon stated. John considered this for a second, nodded, and held eye contact as he lowered his mouth back onto Ronon’s cock. “Fuck,” Ronon growled, watching John go down on him. John shifted and felt his own erection rub up against the soft leather of his pants. He moaned, sending vibrations down Ronon’s cock, and the other man gasped. John pulled off Ronon’s cock, licked it one last time, and moved to take his own pants off. Ronon protested the loss of John’s mouth, but his protest was cut short as John lay naked on top of Ronon, their cocks pressed together between them.

John kissed Ronon, letting the other man taste himself on John’s tongue as they rocked, grinding their cocks together. John reached blindly for his nightstand and grabbed the lube from the drawer, flicking the cap open with one hand. He sat back and squeezed some lube into one hand, using it to coat Ronon’s cock. He added more to his hand and turned to Ronon, grinning. “And this,” he said, “is your favorite part.” John reached his hand down and rubbed the lube across his opening before gently pushing a finger inside. He worked it in and out slowly, watching Ronon watching him, and added a second finger. He scissored the two fingers inside himself, closing his eyes and throwing his head back. He added a third finger and gasped as he rocked back and forth. He opened his eyes to find Ronon’s riveted to his hand and smirked. “Like what you see?” he asked, throwing Ronon’s own question back at him.

“Definitely,” Ronon returned, flicking his eyes back up to John’s for half a second before looking back at John’s hand. John pulled his fingers out and rubbed them once more along the length of Ronon’s cock before he moved himself up to straddle Ronon’s hips, licked his lips, and slowly sank down until he had the entire length of Ronon’s cock inside of him. John stayed still for a moment, adjusting to the feel of Ronon inside him and then circled his hips slowly once, twice, three times. Ronon looked like he was trying his best to remember his hands were tied and that he wasn’t allowed to break either his wrists or the headboard to get them free, and John relished making his lover lose control.

Finally, when Ronon looked ready to break anything in his need for more, John slowly lifted his hips and slid them back down. Ronon moaned and looked into John’s eyes, silently begging for more. John shook his head, determined to draw this out for as long as his control held to make it better for Ronon. He circled his hips a few more times and leaned down to kiss his lover. Ronon kissed John greedily, taking all John would give him. John rocked his hips slowly up and down and lightly pinched Ronon’s nipple as he kissed the other man thoroughly. John’s cock rubbed against Ronon’s stomach as he rocked, and he felt his control slipping. He sat back up and circled his hips twice more before he cracked.

John’s hips lifted and snapped back down, drawing a moan from both men. John repeated his action a few more times, adjusting until he got the angle right, and oh fuck. He sped up his movements, Ronon’s hips thrusting up to meet him, and his world became up-down-up-down, fuck that feels good and Ronon panting and moaning below him. It wasn’t long before Ronon’s moaning turned to an incomprehensible string of cursing and John knew his lover was getting close. John kept moving even as Ronon’s hips froze and his muscles tightened, gasping out a soft “John” as he came. John rode Ronon through his orgasm, clinging to the last strings of his self-control. Once Ronon finished, John thrust his hips down twice more, then came onto Ronon’s stomach, his cock untouched.

John settled forward onto Ronon when they both were spent, breathing heavily. He laid a chaste kiss on Ronon’s lips and rolled off his lover. When he felt like he could successfully stand up without his legs turning to jelly on him, John got off the bed. He cleaned both himself and Ronon up, then got the key for the handcuffs from his desk. He freed Ronon’s wrists, laying a kiss on the angry red marks the cuffs left behind. He put everything in his nightstand drawer and crawled back onto his bed, curling into Ronon’s side. “Happy birthday,” he whispered once more.

“Thank you,” Ronon replied. Then, after a moment of silence, “I am so getting you back for that tomorrow.”

John laughed and nodded into Ronon’s chest. “I’m counting on it.”

Ronon sighed happily and pulled John’s spare blanket over the two men. John hummed his appreciation. He was pretty sure they were both too tired to actually climb under the covers. Ronon curled his arm around John’s back and pressed a kiss to the top of John’s head. “Love you,” Ronon added a minute later, almost as an afterthought.

John tilted his head back to look Ronon in the eyes. “I love you too,” John murmured, and pressed a soft kiss to Ronon’s lips.
calcitrix: Ronon's armcalcitrix on November 15th, 2010 06:57 am (UTC)
Yay for first porn! And good porn, too. I like that you have a high description to dialogue ratio--you really set the scene and a lot of writers don't do that.

Haha, Ronon is so getting John back for that (in a good way)!
stormylullabye: Ronon Promostormylullabye on November 15th, 2010 02:50 pm (UTC)
Yay! And thank you!

I don't see Ronon letting John get away with that without reciprocating, but I also don't think John will complain too much. :)
Gaffsie: Approved!gaffsie on November 15th, 2010 12:23 pm (UTC)
Best birthday present ever.
stormylullabye: John Rononstormylullabye on November 15th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
Oh, happy birthday! I'm glad you liked it!
Gaffsie: Mischief managed!gaffsie on November 15th, 2010 04:50 pm (UTC)
I meant for Ronon! :P My birthday was in October, and I certainly didn't get any leather-clad Sheppards, even if that was what I wanted most of all. ;)
stormylullabye: JR Gatestormylullabye on November 15th, 2010 05:27 pm (UTC)
Ohh. Well, I feel silly! haha I must remember not to reply to comments before 10AM!

I'm sorry you didn't get any Sheppards in leather on your birthday :( ... happy belated birthday?
sexycazzy: John/Ronon from behindsexycazzy on November 15th, 2010 12:55 pm (UTC)
Wow! My brain is in a puddle! ::))
stormylullabye: John Rononstormylullabye on November 15th, 2010 02:56 pm (UTC)
Haha, thank you for reading, glad you liked it!
sherry57sherry57 on November 15th, 2010 06:41 pm (UTC)
First porn? Of a long list of many to come I hope....this was sexy, fun, full of love and friendship....just lovely. Thanks for sharing this hon.
stormylullabye: JR Gatestormylullabye on November 16th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
Yes, it was my first! I'm planning on writing more, but this took me a long time to get just right! I guess practice makes perfect. :)

Glad you read and liked it!
clwilson2006: SGA Ronon Tattooclwilson2006 on November 16th, 2010 12:30 am (UTC)
oh, you have to do more porn now. Once you start we won't let you stop.

I have a strange desire for leather pants, and I really don't mind who's in them :-)
stormylullabye: Rononstormylullabye on November 16th, 2010 12:52 am (UTC)
Oh, I already know that. And I'm sure I'm going to be bullied into writing some Evan/David soon. (I wonder who'll be behind that??) :)

And yes, leather pants are wonderful. For everyone.
clwilson2006: KAV Cowboyclwilson2006 on November 16th, 2010 01:06 am (UTC)
well if you want to write Lorne/anyone, why not support us at slashing_lorne it's Christmas Signups

stormylullabye: Sheppard Lornestormylullabye on November 16th, 2010 01:15 am (UTC)
I just signed up! :)
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stormylullabye: JR Gatestormylullabye on January 11th, 2011 12:36 am (UTC)
Ooh, that would be pretty. I'll put it on my list :)